Maristany offers cutting-edge legal advice truly orientated to decision-making. Among our services, we highlight the following:

Corporate transactions such as transfer of undertakings, mergers, alliances, internationalization and restructurings.

Smart contractual architecture encompassing any stage of the business cycle, supported on a profound knowledge of the business and the regulations.

Externalization of the legal function for companies without in-house legal department.

Dispute prevention and resolution including litigation and arbitration.


Pragmatism: proving useful for decision-making, contributing with simple solutions to complex problems.

Efficiency: using optimal resources in order to advice effectively and promptly, adjusting our fees to the value provided.

Empathy: being a part of our clients’ team, anticipating to their needs, speaking their language and assuming their concerns as if they were ours.

Honesty: putting our clients’ interests first at all times.


Our team has advised in some of the most relevant corporate transactions in the last years, among which we can highlight a major divestment of a cosmetic company in favour of a US-fund, the acquisition of a company in the chemical sector by an Asian-based conglomerate, or the squeeze-out transaction of minority shareholders of a utilities company following its exclusion from the stock market.

Companies from different industries, among others, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical, have turned to us for the externalization of their legal services, and to count on a trusted advisor in their governing bodies.

Supported in our academic activity, we structure complex relationships in a creative and efficient manner, having designed the contractual architecture of a Swiss software company for its launching to the global market.

Having participated in international transactions at the highest level enables us to face any project with total confidence, in the benefit of all our clients.

Institutions of the maximum prestige, among which Iberian Lawyer Group and Best Lawyers International, have distinguished our achievements.

“Having participated in international transactions at the highest level enables us to face any project with total confidence, in the benefit of all our clients.“


“Intelligence not only consists in knowledge, but also in the ability to apply knowledge to practice”


In the aim to provide value for money advice and to avoid unpleasant surprises to our clients, we submit, in advance, an itemized proposal of services describing the tasks we shall carry out, and their associated fees. Our fee structure varies depending on the nature of services:

  • For special corporate transactions and dispute resolution, we propose an estimated amount with a cap, and might include a “success fee”.
  • For ongoing corporate or commercial advice, we set up regular fixed monthly or quarterly fees.

At all times, we encourage open dialogue with our clients and prospects about the quality of our services and our fees, always based on the value provided to client.


Our offices are wonderfully located in the heart of the vibrant city of Barcelona.

Balmes, 222, 2-1
Barcelona – 08006
+34 933 682 688